The center piece of the New England Hot Rod Hall of Fame
is this massive rock.

Adorned with bronze plaques
honoring inductees through the years,
it is located beneath New England Dragway's "tree"
next to the original location of the scales.

This lasting tribute to all who are inducted 
cannot be missed upon entering the strip.
King & Marshall Funny Car - Photo by Mike McCarthy
Below are photographs of the inductees, their cars 
and their work through the years,
as well as photos from the induction ceremonies

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The New England Hot Rod
Hall of Fame
Al Segrini - Black Magic Funny Car
Al and Ellen Hanna
"OJ" McKenney in the Freedom Machine dragster vs. Tom "Mongoose" Mcewen
Hurri-Cain funny car
Jack Doyle's "Slider" in the far lane (with the Batman 'chute) against the dragster of Mansfield, Pickard & Holmes (near lane)
Boston Strangler - Arnie Karp, Keith Hughs, Rick McGarvey & Bob Ellison - in action
Al Hanna's Eastern Raider in 1977
Al Hanna's "Phantom Charger" 1968
Don Roberts - King & Marshall FC
"Mr Boston" loses the blower - Dave Berube (starter) looks on - Photo by Mike McCarthy
Al Hanna - Eastern Raider
"The Speedster" built by Richie Willett
Al Segrini Highland Bandit FC - June 1976
Al Segrini's Super Brut Funny Car
Al & Lou Segrini "American Express" FC
The  "Boston Strangler" Funny Car of Arnie Karp, Keith Hughs, Bob Ellison and Rick McGarvey in the pits
Arthur Gallant's Pep Boys TAD
Arthur Gallant heads for the sky
The Bell Boys - Dick & Charlie Bell
One of Dick and Charlie Bell's beautiful and strong running funny cars
Tom Steed burn out in the K&M fueler
Bob Cain - Hurri-Cain Funny Car - Photo by Mike McCarthy
Article on Ted Wingate's "Pair of Deuces" - Hot Rod Magazine 1964
Burgess and Steed
Dale Hall
Dale Hall's small block Chevy powered TAD
Dick Roberts in the Mr. Boston dragster, the blower takes off, but the belt doesn't know it yet - Photo by Mike McCarthy
Don Roberts warms up the King and Marshall top fuel car
Don Roberts in Jack Doyle's "Slider"
Don Roberts at the wheel of Doyle's "Slider" at Norwood's 1/8th mile track
Don Roberts driving the K&M fueler
Freedom Machine Too
Tom Steed profile in the King and Marshall AA/FD
Al Hanna - Eastern Raider
Bob Ellison & Rick McGarvey
Owen McKenney in the Freedom Machine AA/FD
1971 Don Roberts in the Freedom Machine AA/FD
Ade Knyff & Bernie Regels
A&B Speed
One of many Maurice Bresnahan's "Haulin' Chassis" built cars
Ted Wingate has a pair of cars on the cover of Hot Rod - 1964
Al Hanna's "Fighterbird" Jet Car
Jimmy King - Don Marshall
One of the great "Jungle JIm" funny cars built by chassis builder Rollie Lindblad
Jimmy King in the King & Marshall AA/FD
Tom Steed in the King & Marshall AA/FD - Jim Mayo photo
Rodalyn Knox - Country Girl FC
Don Robert's first Top Fuel ride - Ade Knyff's A&J Speed dragster
Country Girl funny car - Rodalyn & John Knox
Bob Lundholm
Al Segrini with the Black Magic funnycar
"Rick's Speed Shop" - Model A body on a Pete Tropeano chassis
NED Starter Dave Berube (right) with Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam
The Kidder Brothers Bantam in Sanford Maine
"Sy" Sidebotham
Tom "Tuna" Steed in the Spurr Bros. flathead dragster
1956 Mercury - built by Kelsey Martin
1960's advertisement M&H Tires - Marvin Rifchin
Jimmy King - King and Marshall "El Diablo"
King & Marshall "El Diablo"
Jimmy King goes on his head at Indy
Bob Cain & Dick Perrault - Hurri Cain II
Owen McKenney in Tom Dawes' Gas Dragster
Cowl of the Freedom Machine - One of the prettiest dragsters built by Gilmore and Hanna
Dawes, McKenney & Gazan 1968 Connecticut Dragway - The Freedom Machine AA/FD was undefeated at Connecticut Dragway beating the likes of Don Garlits and others- Photo by HoF member Ed Sarkisian
Owen "OJ" McKenney in the Freedom Machine AA/FD
Tom "Tuna" Steed driving the restored King & Marshall AA/FD
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Tom Dawes, Owen McKenney and Dick Gazan - Freedom Machine AA/FD
Sy Sidebotham - 1960
Possibly the 1st photograph taken of the Freedom Machine AA/FD in 1968 - Brand new and in Tom Dawes' driveway
Shuman Brothers roadster - Sanford Maine
A&B Speed 1932 Roadster powered by an injected small block - Sanford Me. (Courtesy Sy Sidebotham Collection)
One of Paul Wasilewski's original business cards from 1970. Many of the photos on this site are credited to Paul.
A book of Paul Wasilewski handout matches (all accounted for) from the early 1970s
Early photo of Bob Schneider at New England Dragway in his AA/FD
Kosty Ivanof at Pomona 1982
The late Kosty Ivanoff. Photo courtesy of Paul Wasilewski
Don Roberts on the rollers at New England Dragway - Photo courtesy of Paul Wasilewski
2004 Inductee Gene Lade's Roadster at Sanford, ME
Tasca Ford... The early days
The late Marvin Rifchin of M&H Tires, Marvin continued working with Nostalgia Top Fuel teams into his 80's
Al Segrini - Bakersfield, CA - 1982
M&H Tire - Watertown, Ma
Co-Founded by Marvin Rifchin
New England Dragway - Opened Sept. 11 1966 and has played host to AHRA, IHRA and NHRA sanctions
The "Mystery 7" Tasca Ford Funny Car driven by Bill Lawton
Dave Berube, NED starter with son Todd
King & Marshall AA/FD - Winners at the 1971 NHRA Gatornationals
Tom Dawes' Freedom Machine AA/FD
Tom Dawes' "Freedom Machine" AA/FD being serviced in the pits. A far cry from how today's "big show" teams do it.
Tasca Ford's "Mystery 9" driven by Bill Lawton
The Pete Tropeano chassis Funny Car of Pete and Bill Hill from Rhode Island.
The "Tuff Enuf" Funny Car of Kosty Ivanof
The "Tuff Enuf" Corvette of Kosty Ivanof
Al Segrini behind the wheel of Kosty Ivanof's "Boston Shaker"
Bill Lawton with the Tasca Ford "Mystery 9"
The "Future Force" Funny Car of Chuck Etchells. The Connecticut native became the first Funny Car driver to break the 4 second barrier.
Ed Parker's Cape Codder Funny Car
Gil Coraine with his beautiful hot rod. Gil drove out to Bonneville in 2011
The Tasca Ford "Super Boss" Mustang Funny Car driven by Bill Lawton
Dick Allard on "just another routine" Fuel Altered pass
Dick Allard (far lane) in Top Fuel action at New England Dragway
Kosty Ivanoff's "Boston Shaker" Funny Car
Dick Allard in the "Sundowners" Top Fueler - Dick was also involved with the Pro Fuel Dragster Associates at this time
Al Hoffman finished his racing career with 15 wins in the NHRA Funny Car class
Photo of the inaugural starting line ceremonies - 2003
Sy Sidebotham accepts the HoF plaque honoring the Sidebotham family - 2003
Al Hofmann in the pits
Ray Knight: Multiple time track champion, National event winner and first "bracket" racer inducted into the Hall of Fame
Doug Juonis' Hayseed Corvette
Al Hofmann's "China Syndrome" Funny Car - Photo by James Morgan
Founded in 1952, the Cam Snappers are one of New England's oldest hot rod clubs
Bob Broadbent's beautiful NHRA Stocker
Arnie Karp, known for piloting the Boston Strangler Funny Car is seen here in the 
Boston Strangler FED
- Arnie Karp collection
Doug Juonis in his Hayseed Corvette at New England Dragway
NHRA and NMRA Champion Rick Stetson in the winner's circle, Gainsville, Fla 1982
Rick won an incredible 72 consecutive rounds during his career. Rick became the first Motorcycle racer inducted into the Hall of Fame
- Rick Stetson collection
Dave LeBrun's hard charging NHRA A/SA
National record holding "Boston Strangler" C/Dragster - Glenn Hays (in seat) (L-R) Keith Hughes, Gil Coraine and Arnie Karp
- Arnie Karp collection
Jan Landers, hanging out during the 1973 Funny Car Nationals at New England Dragway
- Bob Boudreau Collection
King & Marshall Funny Car, 1973
- Bob Boudreau collection
Al Segrini in the seat of Kosty Ivanoff's "Boston Shaker" Funny Car
- Photo courtesy of Paul Wasilewski
Bob Cain's "Hurri-Cain" Funny Car with the 'chutes out
- Heny Witham photo
Pete Hill (near lane) with a Pete Tropeano Chassis vs. Bob Cain (far lane) in the final round of the Spring Funny Car Nationals. Dave Berube (starter) can be seen between the cars. Photo by Paul Wasilewski, caption by "Bunky" Irwin...
(SIX Hall of Famers represented in one photo)