Above -
Father and Son members Rob and Jeremy Young pose with
Rob's altered at the World of Wheels show in Boston
What would a Hot Rod Club be without some Hot Rods?

Here are just some of the race cars, hot rods, and cruisers
owned, driven or just plain wrenched on... by members of the Orientals.

Above: Ernie Broughton with his 1964 Buick Sylark 
powered by a small block Chevy with a 4-speed
Below: Ernie's low mileage 1965 Buick Special Deluxe wagon
currently being restored and will serve as a push car
Some of Bob Schneider's arsenal.
Left: Bob's restified "Sizzler" nostalgia front engine dragster started life as his 
top fuel digger 40+ years ago. 
Bob is a THREE-peat winner in 7.0 Pro
at NHRA Hot Rod Reunions with this dragster taking top honors at both
Bowling Green, KY and Epping, NH

Below: Bob smokes 'em up in the 
"Jade Buggy"
Rumor has it that Bob owns every 
Chrysler 392 Hemi motor ever built.
Though it is just a rumor.
Here is the dragster of Tom Steed, Tim Steed and Todd Berube.
The "SBS Racing" team have run in the sixes with the blown small block Chevy powered FED, and compete in the Pro 7.0 series
Above and Right:
Tom "Tuna" Steed, driver of the Spurr Bros. front motor dragster is no stranger to the winners circle. Powered by a Nitro injected flathead and backed by a 4-speed,
this is one very cool ride! 
Below: "Phlying" Phil Crockett's hot rod Chevy 
and its roommate, this flip nose Chevy gasser 
Check back often, as member's stuff
can be added at any time!
With a career that spans over 40 years,Tom Steed continued driving Top Fuel cars into 2010. Tom ran a career best 
240 mph at New England Dragway. That's hauling!
Above- Dick Nichols' hot rod didn't start life as just any car.
This was his Grandmother's car!
Dick has the bill of sale, as well as every drivers license
his Grandmother had... How cool and special is that!
Jim Blake in 2011 HoF inductee Ed Parker's "Cape Codder Racing" 
ProComp Firebird / Roadster / Altered
Jimmy has gone as quick as 6.25 at 217 MPH in this beast.

At right is a photo of Ed's original fuel altered.
After searching for the original without success, Ed decided to recreate the car. 

Above: Duke LaConte's Chevy powered "CHAOTIC" Prefect smokes 'em up... Running in the 10's this is one sweet ride
What's better than cruising topless? Not much. 
Here's Rick Willson's really bitchin' hot rod.
Rick, would mind keeping your shirt on when you're cruising? Thank you...
Below -
Taken in 2009 in front of the Reading, Mass High School,
 current and past Orientals pose with their Hot Rods

Above and below...
Jim Blake's stable of racecars
A rear engined alcohol dragster and an equally beautiful altered taking "Best Engineered" at the NHRA Divisional race at Lebanon Valley. Jim has enjoyed tremendous success in 7.0 Pro with his "Lil' Irishman"
Above: Ernie Broughton in the seat of the ressurected Comanche AA/FD does a push start in front of the crowd at the 2015 
NHRA New England Nationals. Pete Tropeano behind the wheel of the beautiful Cameo pick-up truck
Above and below: Here it is!!
The project of the century!!
It's Chuck Emanuel's ANGLIA!
Chuck... We salute you!
At right -
Mike Sarno's absolutely stunning 1957 Ford.
That's right... A 1957 Blue Oval!
Take THAT you bowtie guys!
Above: Jeremy Young launches his Chevy at New England Dragway.
This second generation Oriental member and racer
has been to the Winners Circle with this very consistant car!
Above, Ed Pearsons prepares to give the crowd a dose of nitro with N.E. Hot Rod Hall of Fame member 
Pete Tropeano looking on

At left-
Tony Jarvis' sweet 
AC Cobra replica

At right-
Tony's hard launching Mustang dangles the fronts down in the sunshine state.
Above (left and right) and left-
Bob Lohnes' stable has included the "Never Enough" 1969 Nova,
an orange 1971 Nova and a 1964 Pontiac GTO
Above, Left and Below-
Manny Ferrante has a thing for Volkswagens and cats... Above, the "Ratnip" 1968 Karmann Ghia
At left, the "Catnip Crazy" 1950 VW
Below, the "Stray Cat" 1923 VW powered Ford
Arnie Karp's absolutely STUNNING hot rod!
This beauty rides like a dream, and is definitely cool!
The "SBS" dragster and team in the Winners Circle at the 
New England Dragway 50th Anniversary Race 
The team took top honors in 7.0 Pro
Left and Below-
Joe Henderson proves that "NOVA" may mean "doesn't go" in Spanish, but that's not the case here in New England with his Pro ET 1969 Nova and Super Street 1976 Nova