Ron Boule

2020 New England
Hot Rod Hall of Fame Inductee
Ron Boule - 2020 New England Hot Rod Hall of Fame Inductee

Ron Boulé was a man behind the scenes.


Ron started his racing career back in Marlborough, Mass. as part of the A&M crowd. He worked days as a mechanic and would build engines for people on the side. Ron moved to New Hampshire and established Ron Boulé Racing Engines now in Raymond NH.


His attention to detail and unmatched customer support in building engines crosses many venues throughout New England. Ron is known for building championship engines not only for drag racing but also for circle track, modifieds, mud boggers, and more. Ron is that guy in the pits who is always ready to lend a hand. It is not uncommon to hear people say “Go ask Ronnie.”


Ronnie was also a racer himself, going back to the early days when he and his partner Doug Gauvin campaigned the Yosemite Sam Nova. He campaigned the Camaro he drove to many wins before being sidelined for health reasons. Now Ron campaigns the Camaro with Scott McCloud behind the wheel. In fact, last year Ron and Scott won the Orientals Race here at New England Dragway and they have been preparing to do it again this year. Let’s wish them the best.


Ron is truly one of New England’s hidden treasures. In fact, it’s rumored that the New York State Police have been searching for Ron for decades over an issue with a 427-mile marker.


The Orientals Hot Rod Club is very pleased to recognize Ron Boule as a 2020 New England Hot Rod Hall of Fame Inductee.

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